AHR Expo 2017

We have exhibited at AHR Expo 2017, which is the largest HVACR expo. It was held at Las Vegas from Jan 30 ~ Feb. 1st and companies from the world, more than 150 countries will be attending.


60% of our products are used in refrigerant systems, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, eco-cute systems, etc.

Our standard type strainers are mesh caulked into a bras ring. The  smallest size we have made is outer diameter 4.7mm.

We consult and design filters to customer’s needs. Thank you for visiting our booht. We are willing for any inquiries or questions.

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・Place:Las Vegas Conventional Center、Las Vegas
・date:Jan 30th to 1st Feb(3 days)
・About 2,000 company exhibit (35 countries)
・60,000  people  (35,000+ visitors)

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