Mesh Filters and Air Conditioners

When you have lots of liquids and gases moving around its a good practice, if not necessary to use a filter or strainer. The more obvious reason is that contaminants and unwanted particles can wreak havoc on the inside of the air conditioner, such as micro basket filters. However, there are several often overlooked applications of mesh filters in the ac system. To fully explain these mesh filter applications, let’s take a quick look at how an different parts of an air conditioner actually work. Specifically, we will discuss air conditioner compressors, accumulators, and check valves. Accumulator and Air Compressor

In this diagram what should be immediately visible are the air conditioner’s compressor (black) and accumulator (copper). We will first talk about the compressor.

Air Conditioner Compressor

In the compressor, pressure is applied to a refrigerant gas. This causes the temperature of the compressor to increase, and causes the refrigerant to cycle through the air conditioning system. 

AC Compressor Filter

A mesh filter can be installed in the lower area of ​​the compressor to protect internal components from damaging particles that have entered the system. One such type of filter, the micro basket filter, is pictured below. There are also several other mesh filters for compressors available.


Wire mesh filters can also be installed to filter sound, reducing the overall noise of the compressor. These types of mesh filters are made of a special compressed knitted mesh. For more information on these filters please view our page on soundproofing filters for air conditioners.

Soundproof filter for air conditioner

Air Conditioner Accumulator

The air conditioners accumulator is essentially a large filter for the AC system. In the air conditioner’s accumulator, gas and liquid are separated prior the refrigerant entering the compressor.

Air Conditioner Accumulator Filter

As the accumulator acts as a giant filter for the AC unit, where do smaller products such as our mesh filters fit in? Vantech manufactures a special type of filter specifically for the accumulator, which we refer to as an accumulator filter in-house. It is also been referred to as a baffle plate filter, or as a perforated cup filter. On top of the perforated plate sits a mesh screen to filter out moisture from the refrigerant gas. One such mesh accumulator filter is pictured below. Notice the unique hole punched design of the plate.

Perforated Plate Filter

How do these mesh filters actually separate liquids from gas? Moisture droplets in the refrigerant get caught on the mesh and eventually fall down to the bottom of the accumulator. Only the gas passes through to the compressor. The leftover refrigerant which has been collecting at the bottom of the accumulator eventually evaporates, passing through the mesh filter.

Air Conditioner Check Valves

Check valves regulate the flow of a refrigerant and allow it to run only one way. It effectively stops gases from flowing backwards.

Mesh Filters For Air Conditioner Check Valves

Mesh filters play an important role in check valves, as one of their often overlooked applications is turbulent flow correction and regulation.

Mesh Filters For Other Parts of Air Conditioners

As we have just seen, mesh filters and strainers such as micro basket filters and baffle plates are pivotal to many important parts of the air conditioner. Compressors, accumulators, and check valves all benefit from having a mesh filter. But the applications of filters in the ac system do not stop here. Mesh air conditioner filters can be used in many other components of the ac system, such as the muffler. The design of the filter can vary depending on its application, but the general concept remains the same. Mesh filters are a highly effective way of protecting both individual parts of your ac, as well as the system as a whole. Wondering if the component you manufacture could benefit from a filter? Contact us today! 

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