Production Of Mesh Filters for Biofuels


Mesh filter in injectors

UserManufacturer of injector for biofuel vehicles
Issues and RequestsCompany K manufactures injectors for biofuel vehicles and had been using molded nylon mesh plastic filters for fuel filtration.
If fuel is supplied with contaminants left in the fuel, it will affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, and in some cases may lead to engine defects or breakdowns.
Therefore, fuel filtration is extremely important. However, Company K was experiencing problems with the nylon mesh deteriorating and melting during use. This is when they contacted us.
SolutionThe cause of the nylon mesh melting during use was the ethanol contained in the biofuel. We solved this problem by providing our metal mesh filters, which do not dissolve in ethanol.
We produced a high-quality filter that maintains its functionality as a filter, as well as its durability throughout continuous use.

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