Cost reduction and quick delivery through automated processing


User Overseas manufacturer of gas safety devices
Issues and Requests An overseas manufacturer had been purchasing resin molded filters from an existing supplier, but was facing frequent defects.
When they realized there was no hope of reducing these defects, they reached out to us.
This company requested high quality products at a low price, so we had to carefully consider the unit price. We could not meet this company’s desired unit price if we were to produce said product domestically, so we had to devise a new processing method.
Solution Since our company specializes in metal filter processing, we asked if metal filters could be used. The customer realized that there would be no problem in using the filter, and the decided to integrate it.
We solved the customer’s problem of high quality and low cost by using our in-house designed automatic processing machine for integrated production, from wire mesh forming to caulking.
Since the start of business with us, we have had positive feedback, and we continue to do supply them as a good business partner.
Our automatic processing machines can produce more than 100,000 pieces per month per machine, so we are able to respond to sudden increases in orders.

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