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Hello everyone how are you?
How is your days going on and work too?
We all members of head office are doing well.

A week ago our President Toru Oshima was gone China to visit our sub-company SHENYANG OSHIMA METAL FILTER CO., LTD at Shenyang. According to him, the working member of there was too busy to manufacturing metal filter. Today I am going to describe a little word about our subsidiary SHENYANG OSHIMA METAL FILTER CO., LTD. Either Japan or China or Thailand, we are doing as a best technical ideology to make customer basic filter as a qualitative way.

At 23th to 27th of this month, our president took some photos and showed us which have been captured by his camera about the location and condition of there.

The company was established in 2002 February, is a best metal filter manufacturer for south Asian country and whole China.

At the same time Japanese customer Mr. Takehiro Takahasi president of Shinwa Kogyo Inc. was also visited our company. He saw all about our technology how we are manufacturing metal filter. By the same way, we guide all process of making products when customer wants to know or before starting business connection with us. Customer`s satisfaction is the most important point for us to be the good maker constantly.

As a manufacturer of metal filter, we compose the size of filter for any kinds of machinery by systematically. Customer`s priority is our obligation to solve as a best idea.



I think technology is the one way to develop and another way is concept or idea which can only chased by mind and implement. Behind those things the most matter is that workers performance depend the quality of products either working or performing about produtions in any sector.

Finally, we need to show more our performance as honestly, trustfully and qualitatively as well. All member and our visitors please we need your feedback and good suggestions which can help us to be lifelong partner and progressive as well.


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