1940 Participate in the manufacturing of the high-end pen tip.
1945 Factory relocated to Tanuma-cho, Tochigi prefecture (now Sano City)Established Kabutogi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with a capital of 500,000 yen. Oshima Hanjiro is appointed as the Senior Managing Director.
1957 At the Tanuma factory, begin to process metal filters and strainers for air conditioners and oil filters for automobiles.
1966 Moved the Tanuma factory to Tanuma-cho Tomuro (now Sano city Tomuro-cho) (site 1550 ㎡, floor area 910 ㎡)
1990  Built a High-tech factory at Tanuma-cho Yamagata (now Sano City Yamagata-cho) (site 7260 ㎡, floor area 550㎡)
1997 VANTECH CO.,LTD. acquires the Tanuma factory and the high-tech factory.
1997 Acquire ISO 9001 certification.
1999 Toru Oshima is appointed President and Representative Director.
2002 Establishment of “沈阳大岛金属过滤网制造有限公司” in Shenyang City, China.
2006 Acquire ISO 9001: 2000, JIS Q 9001: 2000 certification
2007 “VANTECH M. F CO., LTD” established in Thailand, Chonburi Province.
2010 Updated the ISO 9001: 2008, JIS Q 9001: 2008.
2012March 6thUpdated ISO 9001: 2008, JIS Q 9001: 2008.
2013January 28th – 30thAHR Expo 2013 (exhibited) at America · Dallas
2014January 21st – 23rdAHR Expo 2014 (exhibited) at America / New York
2014February 26th – 28thSmart Energy Week 2014 (exhibited) at Tokyo Big Sight
2014October 14th – 16thCHILLVENTA 2014 (exhibited) Germany · Nuremberg
2015January 14th – 16thAutomotive World 2015 (Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2015January 26th – 28thAHR Expo 2015 (exhibited) America · Chicago
2015February 25th – 27thSmart energy Week 2015 (exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2015March 1stUpdated the ISO 9001: 2008,Changed the certification company (BUREAU VERITAS ⇒ INTERTEK)
2015October 20th – 22ndAHR MEXICO 2015 Expo Guadalajara (Visited)
2016January 13th – January 15thAutomotive World 2016 (Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2016January 25th – 27thAHR Expo 2016 (Exhibited) at America · Orlando
2016March 15th – 18thMCE2016 (Exhibited) Italia・Miliano
2016June 22nd – June 24thThe 19th Mechanical Element Technology Exhibition 2016 (Exhibited) at Tokyo Big Sight
2016August 26thFactory relocated to 3000-2 Ishizuka-machi, Sano City
2016November 30th – December 3rdAutomechanika Shanghai 2016 (Visited) China · Shanghai
2017January 18th – 20thAutomotive World 2017 (Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2017January 30th – February 1stAHR Expo 2017 (Exhibited) America · Las Vegas
2017July 26th – 28thAutomechanika Chicago 2017 (exhibited) America · Chicago
2017November 29th – December 2ndAutomechanika Shanghai 2017 (Visited) China · Shanghai
2018January 17th – 19thAutomotive World 2018 (Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2018January 22nd – 24thAHR Expo 2018 (exhibited) at America · Chicago
2018February 27th – March 2ndHVAC & R JAPAN (Exhibited) at Tokyo Big Sight
2018April 16th – 19thSPACE SYMPOSIUM 2018 (exhibited) at America · Colorado
2018MayISO 9001: 2015 certification acquired
2018July 12ndVANTECH M.F (Thalandi factory) Ground-breaking ceremony
2018September 26th – September 28thEV / PHV wide use exhibition (exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2018October 16th – 18thChillventa2018 (Exhibited) Germany · Nuremberg
2018November 6th – 9thAPRSAF-25 (Exhibited) Singapore
2018November 28th – December 1stAutomechanika Shanghai 2018 (Visited) China · Shanghai
2018November 28th – 30thInternational Aerospace Exhibition 2018 (Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2018December 11th – 13thSmall and Medium-sized Enterprise New Manufacturing – New Service Exhibition(Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2019January 14th – 16thAHR Expo 2019 (Exhibited) at America · Atlanta
2019January 16th – 18thAutomotive World 2019 (Exhibited) at Tokyo Big Sight
2019February 27th – March 1stFC EXPO 2019 (Exhibited) Tokyo Big Sight
2019September 18th – 20th Automotive World 2019 (Exhibited) at Portmesse Nagoya

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