VANTECH’s use of vertical insert molding machines sets VANTECH apart from its competitors.

What is Insert Molding?

Plastic insert molding is a form of injection molding. Plastic insert molding involves taking an object and flowing liquid plastic through it in order to meld the plastic and the object together. The strength of this bond is higher than traditional adhesives or crimping.

How does VANTECH utilize plastic insert molding?

Horizontal molding machines are the most common type of molding machine. The advantage of the top-clamping machine used by Vantech is that it prevents components from moving or falling during the insert molding process. This plastic insert molding machine, specifically the ET-40, is capable of producing thousands of precise filters per day.

How will VANTECH improve insert molding capabilities?

In order to further increase production capacity, Vantech will acquire a new insert molding machine. This machine is the ET-80 While the existing molding machine has a clamping force of 40 tons, the newly introduced molding machine has a clamping force of 80 tons and can handle a wide range of products. (Refer to the specification chart).

We are planning on receiving the new plastic insert molding machine in late October. It will be able to handle anything from prototyping to mass production.

General molding is also possible, regardless of insert molding.

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There are four grades when it comes to precision molding in Japan. Technicians are certified as special grade, and 1st to 3rd grade. The first grade is difficult to attain and those who attain it are recognized as advanced technicians.

Rank 1 technicians are able to make parts so precise they are suitable for use in medical products.

We have a certified rank 1 technician working with us at Vantech who is well prepared to handle your needs.

Proof of Certificate issued by the government

Proof of Certificate issued by the government

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