Removes weld burns by bright annealing


User Automotive parts manufacturer
Issues and Requests We received a request from a customer to improve the quality of a current product.
The filter was to be welded to a wire mesh, but when welded, the heat caused weld burns, resulting in black discoloration and oxidation.
This discoloration was not only unsightly, but if left unchecked, corrosion could progress from the burnt areas and erode the surrounding area.
Stainless steel is inherently rust-resistant, but when welded, heating causes a diffusion phenomenon in the chromium, which impacts the corrosion-resistant performance of the stainless steel.
Solution To eliminate concerns about corrosion due to discoloration, we proposed the removal of weld burns through bright annealing treatment.
Bright annealing is a treatment method that reduces oxides by heating and cooling in a reducing atmosphere of hydrogen.
Products that have undergone this treatment will have a beautiful finish and will not corrode from burnt areas even after use.
Oxidation of the weld area is successfully removed, maintaining the integrity and performance of the machine.

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