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Stainless Steel Mesh ・ Rings

Stainless steel (abbreviated to SS or SUS) is a rust-resistant material that is easy to process. Its main component is iron, but an oxide film is formed on its surface, making it rust-resistant. There are more than 100 types of stainless steels in the JIS standard for steel materials alone, and we would like to introduce some of the main types of stainless steels we handle. When we talk about the different types of stainless steel we use the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) name. We use these different materials to make stainless steel filters and stainless steel rings for these filters. 

SUS304SUS304 is a stainless steel containing 18% Cr and 8% Ni, and is the most widely distributed of the stainless steels.
SUS316SUS316 is a stainless steel containing 18% Cr and 12% Ni, to which molybdenum (Mo) is added to create higher corrosion and pitting resistance than SUS304.
SUS304LLower carbon content than SUS304, superior corrosion resistance, more expensive material than SUS304.
SUS316LLower carbon content than SUS316, superior corrosion and pitting corrosion resistance, and more expensive than SUS316
SUS430Superior in both corrosion resistance and strength, but inferior to SUS304. Less expensive than SUS304. Often used for products around water.

Element List

SUS3040.08 or less1.00 or less2.00 or less0.045 or less0.03 or less8.00~11.0018.00~20.00
SUS3160.08 or less1.00 or less2.00 or less0.045 or less0.03 or less10.00~14.0016.00~18.002.00~3.00
SUS304L0.03 or less1.00 or less2.00 or less0.45 or less0.3 or less9.00~13.0018.00~20.00
SUS316L0.03 or less1.00 or less2.00 or less0.045 or less0.03 or less12.00~16.0016.00~18.002.00~3.00
SUS4300.12 or less0.75 or less1.00 or less0.04 or less0.03 or less16.00~18.00

Although stainless steel has superior corrosion resistance compared to regular steel, their may be concerns of rust forming depending on the operating environment. For such customers, we recommend SUS403 and SUS316L, which have lower carbon content and higher corrosion resistance making the mesh filter less likely to rust. Alternatively, bright annealing treatment is available for stainless steel mesh filters.

Brass (Ring/Mesh)

Brass (brass) is an alloy of copper and zinc, with at least 20% zinc. A typical example is the 5 yen coin. It has excellent ductility, can be easily processed into complex shapes, and is easy to cut.

SuperDyma (ring)

SuperDyma is a highly corrosion-resistant plated steel sheet and is a registered trademark of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation. It contains approximately 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium, and a trace amount of silicon. It has high corrosion resistance and performs well in strong alkali environments. Also, as no post-plating is required, it results in cost reduction.

Titanium nonwoven fabric (prototype)

In the past, we have successfully rounded and welded sintered titanium non-woven fabrics for prototypes. Since sintered titanium nonwovens are not flexible, it is said that it is difficult to round and weld them cleanly. Characteristics of Titanium are as follows:


Although not as light as aluminum, titanium is 2/3 the weight of iron and 1/2 the weight of copper.


Titanium is very strong against heat, and its crystals change their structure to become more heat-resistant when temperatures exceed 885℃.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Titanium has very high corrosion resistance, and resistance to seawater. It is also is resistant to acid and does not melt easily.

What is bright annealing?

Bright annealing is a treatment method that reduces oxides by heating and cooling in a reduced atmosphere. The weld burns that occur when welding metals and other materials can lead to the possibility of rusting. Bright annealing removes oxides to maintain durability, protect machine performance, and prevent deterioration of service life. Also, by removing the black discoloration, the finish becomes cleaner. We can handle a range of diameters from φ4 to φ80.

Bright annealing

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