1m Long Filter


Long Mesh Filters

Issues and RequestsDue to the aging of the craftsmen who used to manufacture these long oil filters, it will be difficult to obtain them in the future, so we were approached as a potential new supplier. The long filter, approximately one meter in length, is used for old-type rolling mills.
SolutionThe specifications of this filter are approximately 1 m in length, with coils on springs inside the mesh for reinforcement. This was the first time our company had welded such a long product. The first challenge was to fabricate it straight. Since several filters are used in one rolling mill, they could not be buffered against each other. This was a request from the manufacturer who ordered the product. It would be normal to think that rounding and joining straight pieces would naturally keep them straight, but in practice this was just not the case. After considering a number of possible causes, trial and error, and exhaustive efforts, we turned our attention to the material itself. It turned out that the mesh that had been supplied was not straight. We were able to improve the cut of the material and finally constructed a straight filter tube. However, just as we were one step closer to completion, we ran into another issue. The person in charge at the time thought, “How do we get a coiled spring of approximately the same diameter into this long cylinder?” There was no standards in place for this product, and only the craftsman knew how it was made, but he had already retired and could not be consulted with. Therefore, the only information we had was from the sample they had provided us. Upon closer inspection of the sample, we found that the coil inside had a “claw” at the tip. By quickly crafting a simple jig, we were able to easily place the coil inside the tube, we were prepared for mass production. We are always ready to take on new challenges.

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