AHR Expo 2015, Mexico


Last month, We had visited AHR Expo-Mexico 2015 which was held at Expo Guadalajara, Mexico. The show was held Oct. 20th to 22nd. This was our first Business trip to Latin American largest Marketplace of HVAC&R related Exposition.

AHR Expo-Mexico is same Expo of The world’s largest HVAC&R Exposition AHR Expo which has been held in different American cities every year but this is very smaller than AHR Expo America where at least 350 exhibitors has been participated.

DSC_0086.JPGDSC_0086.JPGDSC_0055.JPG  DSC_0086.JPG

We reached at Exhibition Venue 2nd day of show. it was my first visiting at Guadalajara at Mexico or in Latin American Cities. As my first thinking while i am at AHR Expo (World’s largest Marketplace) at different American cities, Mexico might have large numbers of small parts manufacturer for those brand makers participated in AHR Expo USA. I did not see real as my thought, it was different. I saw large numbers of Exhibitors are Distributors and branded makers.

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                 Visiting booth and business discussing

We are seeking Metal filtering parts users in these kind of show . And discuss about business possibilities with related personals if available in booth. Our products are seen as ordinary parts but very important for machineries movement and stability. Filter only deserve machinery, then Machinery can only deserve production capacity for customer’s satisfaction in high quality.

After the show, on 23rd October, We had visited Guadalajara Technology park.


Area was seen too big but different kinds of Company had been constructing. I knew, More than 800 Japanese Companies including automobile makers have their factory in Mexico. But we did not see any Japanese Company around the Guadalajara nor in the Technology Park. Many of Japanese Car makers seem there around Mexico City.

The positive thing is that Mexico is being main Junction for American large manufacturer’s Exporter or Other foreigners because of transportation, manufacturing cost and delivery etc. We are also hoping to achieve our new aim to extend our company to any place of Mexico soon.



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