Oshima Filter Co., Ltd Member visited Japan

Last week, our members from SHENYANG OSHIMA METAL FILTER CO., LTD
were came to visit Japan. They enjoy their time totally in visiting around Tokyo
and here Tochigi as well. New place, new style and totally different society they
got a chance to meet and see.
 Celeberating welcome party together with All Head Office member (Except me !) President (right) and Munan San(left) are sitting in front.

CO., LTD was established in 2002. The production base and production capacity
are similar as Japan and Thailand factories. We strictly adhere to achieve our goal
to the global market either China or Thailand or here Japan. We are using our own
technology to all factories; all QC rules and regulation and technical aspect
are guided by our Japanese technician.

 By the way, OSHIMA METAL FILTER CO., LTD‘s member were stayed here October 1st to 6th, our president OSHIMA TORU had managed all. They visited interesting place around Tokyo such as; Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo tower, Tokyo sky tree, Mt. Fuji and more shopping complex etc. enjoyed with our head office member and learned culture and custom of the common people here.  

  IMG_6894.JPG IMG_6893.JPG
Drinking Party at Japanese Restaurant

It’s vast different between Japanese culture and Chinese. Common people’s life style, clothing and various aspects of human life is quietly different. I think visiting to another place is not only for enjoy that teach us the society and custom of people.

  IMG_6896.JPG IMG_6898.JPG

20 members were come to visit by guiding MUNAN San who is executive manager of OSHIMA METAL FILTER CO., LTD. But I am very sorry to them because I didn’t have chance to meet and share my words with them, at that time I was going out to participate; “Trading Business Course” which was held by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) at Tokyo.

Finally, the ambition of tour was to know and show our system to all workers who can change their working style than usually doing. We are striving to improve value, productivity and zero hassle constantly through our all company.


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