ISO Certifiate Renewed

In 1997, Vantech had been firstly acquired ISO certification. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is one of the Organization granted general Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and social council. Nearly twenty thousand standards have been set covering everything from manufactured products and technology to food safety, agriculture and healthcare.

 Vantech has Constantly request to Bureau Veritas to verify our Industry to till But from this year another Company has been requested,  Intertek did and it also the ISO certifier company same as the Bureau Veritas.

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Most of our Products are inserted into Air conditioning parts use in Automobile, Building, and many other types of Machinery for solid, gas, oil purification system. Our main products are customer required types of Metal Filters & Strainers. Thus, customized products are made in high quality for our customers’ satisfactions and their machineries stability.

Vantech has always been committed to supply high quality products for customers’ satisfaction. 

In addition, we kindly invite to our all respected customers, friends, and wishers that to come to Visit us at Tokyo Big Sight this month. 19th Mechanical Components & Material Technology Expo will going to be held in 24th to 26th, June. Please come to visit our Booth.




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