VANTECH Metal Filter via Chillventa 2014

This is August 2014, the time of the summer vacation, we will start from 13th to 17th.  exciting to enjoy and make special of the year. How about your vacation? Have you planned to spend abroad or in your countryside? By the way, get enjoy and make special where you are.



Well, Today, I want to describe our usual workflow report and special plan what is happening currently and what will going to happen within a month and further plan as well. This time we are very busy to dealing with our foreign customer from different place of the world. Especially, this year, we are devoted to European Market. It means that, we are going to exhibit our products at CHILLVENTA. It’s first time of Vantech’s History that firstly attend at European marketplace for face to face discussion with European customer, it become possible by the helps of CHILLVENTA, thanks organizer who made our dream true.

Chillventa is the European Largest marketplace of HVAC&R. it is held within 2 years in Nuremberg, Germany. It is also same as AHR EXPO. The world’s largest refrigerant components and parts are the main exhibits. Air conditioner, Heat Pumps, Refrigerators, and many other related respective personals attend at the show.

                    Visit us at; Hall 4A / 4A-302

Vantech is also become the well-known leading Metal Filter manufacturer and supplier for various types of air, liquids, sounds, and even light filtration machineries across the world. “Sustainable, reliable, durable, and precision products for machineries’ stability and quality assurance” is our slogan and commitment. Vantech have capability of any types of Metal Filter according to the customers’ demands.

Now, our customer are dealing with us from Germany, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, as well as from American continent. As the aim of Challenge to the global market, we distribute and business deal with large number of customers all over the world carefully and enthusiastically. Distributor, contractor, dealers, as well as direct customers, anybody can meet us at the show. We promote all of our products, which are manufacturing in Japan, China, and Thailand. More than 50years experience involving in this field made us strong and expertise to solve any kinds of filtration problems.

See below;

      IMG_4574.JPG     acu.jpg

Our products are inserted into these parts. This is our customers products.


Vantech’s products are small, externally invisible but plays very important role for machineries protection. Thus, Upper mentioned chart declares where Vantech’s Filters are used. 

 Please Feel Free to contact us if you need Free pass for enter Exhibition. we will provide you free pass as our loyel customer. Thank you.

ひらめきひらめき We are looking forward to see you at CHILLVENTA 2014 ひらめきひらめき


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