MoterBike Expo and Jazz concert at Ashikaga University

 It’s getting high temperature day by day up to 30 degree centigrade here in Tochigi Prefecture Japan from the starting of the June. People have changed their apparel for cooling their body. We, human body should
have to encounter different kinds of natural fluctuation which has been occurring in this earth; whether, raining, snowing, storming, and shaking (earthquake), which happens unknowingly and horribly sometimes. We have to fight carefully for the safe way as a sensitive human or as a responsible of protector of whole. As a changeable season, different kinds of facilities are being inventing for the human relaxation.
  Today i want to talk about Moterbike which is mostly used in this season as fashion..!

                     Old model,  Intresting, paddle attached with Engine ,
Last week, We, Mr. & Mrs. President both and some Colleagues were visited Ashikaga Industrial University (足利工業大学) where Motorbike Expo and Jazz concert was held. There had different kinds of motorbike show like a bike exhibition, from the oldest to newest and modern motorbike around the world. I have seen different kinds of motorbike are running along the road, but that was my first experience to be participant and attendance at the exhibition. Let’s see some picture below which was taken.
   DSCF3714.JPG DSCF3723.JPG
     hello is there any thing?? President at the left and at the right Colleague Mr. sirasawa observing deeply
And ………………………………….! found something shown below;
  filter use1.jpg

Let's see some others too ;……………………………………………………….

 Traffic Bike, Oldest and newest model … 
 Various models of moterbike were presented, Most series were non Japan Made, i thought they might have imported  from Europe and American Market. I hope these kinds of presentation help us to develop and modify to invent new kinds of products.

The most and special matter was My colleague Ms. Murakashi’s Jazz concert. I don’t know more about JAZZ but that was very perfect and fabulous music, She played Piano with keyboard attached. Specially, i had invieted to see her presentation and enjoyed too much with her music. Thank you And i appreciate your perfect show; Best of luck!


Finally, Please smile,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*


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