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  After this summer vacation we start again our dutyto continue as same before. It was too much hot here in Sano city up to 35 degree centigrade. How was your summer vacation? Were you done well? It’s the firsttime I felt too hot, did not go out in day time. Any way me and my company`s co-workers boss and all members here at head office in japan are well. At the last day before started summer vacation we all cleaned up our production machines and around the company.晴れ 雷 曇り 雨 exclamation&question 


                     Greenery of sakura tree                                                         

The August, here in japan is fireworks month.Most of Japanese people are gone to see Fireworks in the evening at differentplace. Here our company`s nearest place at asikhaga city and ota city also was held big fireworks Festival that is called “花火” in Japaneselanguage. More people are gone by wearing KIMONO(着物)to see Fireworks that is too much beautiful. 



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Various culture and festival are being celebrated in this month by different ethnical group in their place as different style or nationwide. My 7 years’ experience of staying in different place of japan, realized me that its common and reality, people in their own place have their own culture, life style and concept of their responsibility to deserve and celebrate their own culture or custom. A month ago I visited Hokkaido, Kyoto, Kyusyu and other different place. I saw and feel, either you are in Hokkaido or Okinawa or in your country in any place around this world we have our own custom, religion and our daily life style which is continuing form ancient is respectable and unique matter for other people. Specially, the Japanese culture, living style and daily life of the common peoples is very unique than other country.

  I want return back to my company products again;I just uploaded at alibaba network site our new product which is the prototype of ourSHENYANG OSHIMA METAL FILTR CO., LTD at China. I want to show our visitor and customer about those products which is used in plumber. The filter is Stain less steel strainer which is perforated filter;  perforated parts are used to separate water, oil, steam etc. These strainers are mostly used in Y type’s plumber and the compact cylindrical shape of the Y type strainer is very strong and can readily accommodate the high pressures too. 
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Our technology, our innovation and our commitment , is to provide excellent services at right cost within the sheduled time for customer`s satisfaction forever.  

                   ぴかぴか(新しい)かわいい Have a Nice moment かわいいぴかぴか(新しい)


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