Accumulator Filters

Perforated Plate Filter
Perforated Plate Filter
Type Mesh Caulking type
Usage Compressor interior gas-liquid separation filter, etc.
Size Customizable
Design and number of holes can be customized.
Product Details It collects the gas from the mist. Only let the gas passes which is separated from the liquid.
Mesh Customizable
Two kinds of meshes can be used. One of which can be used as reinforcing material.
Material Mesh: Stainless steel, Brass
Baffle Plate: Brass, Stainless steel, SuperDyma®, etc.

* SuperDyma ® is a steel sheet developed by Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal Corporation. This new high corrosion resistant plated steel sheet has a plating layer component mainly containing zinc, about 11% aluminum, about 3% magnesium and a trace amount of silicon.

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