Metal Filters for Compressors

Metal Filters for air conditioners and compressors
Mesh filter in injector 1

Mesh Filters for Compressors

Mesh filters and strainers are often used in compressors. Compressors add pressure to refrigerant gas in an air conditioning unit which cycles it through the ac system. These mesh filters protect the air conditioning unit during the refrigerant cycle. Mesh filters are installed in other parts of the air conditioning unit as well.

Type Small mesh type
Usage For interior compressor filters
Size 6.4~32.0(L)×4.0~30.0(H)mm  Customizable
Smallest size: outer dia. 4.75mm (prototype)
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Product details We manufacture various shapes, such as caulking type and welding type.
Mesh Customizable. Two meshes can be used as reinforcement material.
Material Wire mesh: Brass, Stainless steel, Metallic non-woven fiber etc.
Ring: brass material, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.


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