Last month, we exhibited our products in European market, the show  was “CHILLVENTA 2014” which was held in Nuremberg, Germany October 14th to 16th,2014. Booth number was 4A-302. We  promoted our products and business deal with large number of buyers, Visitors, HVAC&R related personals in the show time. At the first day, 13th October (1 day before exhibition), I attended the seminar of Heat Pumps: Challenges Markets Technology Research Applications. It was very important and significance for us because of our first step in EU Market. Before entering this marketplace we need to know the present situation of these products in EU and our products relation with those, and the next further strategy for how should we promote to make constant business in EU marketplace, it helps to create new business policy.  

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I personally realized very good to lead our company on that great marketplace and seminar.  Heat Pumps demand is constantly growing in European Marketplace and Asian market as well. Most of peoples are realized the necessities of Heat pumps for their accommodation buildings and public building around the world. And another important purpose is to deduce energy consumption in industrial area.

  14th October, Chillventa was started and large numbers of visitors, buyers, exhibitors, & HVAC&R related personals were busy in their point to deal. The large international involvement at Chillventa was particularly impressive. 56 % of the visitors and 67 % of the exhibitors come from abroad. More than 30,000 visitors represent over 110 countries throughout the world. Chillventa continues to set records and has improved all its exhibition parameters. “For the first time Chillventa has topped 30,000 trade visitors, an increase of 7 % compared with the exhibition in 2012, and attracted 984 exhibitors – 70 more than two years ago. These figures show the great commitment and confidence of Chillventa’s visitors and exhibitors. It is the key gathering of the national and international market players in the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump segments,” says Richard Krowoza, Member of the Management Board at NürnbergMesse.

We had obtained some business appointment in 1st and 2nd exhibition day; the first appointment was with Thomas Dillig from eco2business, Germany. He is doing as contactor of sales agents worldwide, neither distributor nor sales agent. Only support between seller and buyer.

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2nd day, 3 appointments we had. The first was with Enrique M. Bayona, fromTradex Consulting, a Spanish company dedicated to international trade & Digital Marketing.



IBEADA Co., GmbH & KG , our customer, was came to business deal of present purchased products and new business relationship. IBEDA is a gas flow meter parts and burner type’s machineries production company. It is Germany large company. Two honorable members, Mr.Thomas Menzenbach (Materials Management and Quality Manager ) and Technician Mr. Bernardy were participated in meeting.

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Last appointment was with our next honorable customer from Walton Hi-Tech industries Ltd. Engr. Ashraful Ambia. He came to meeting with us for next business purpose. Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. is a manufacturer of HVAC&R machineries, motorbikes etc.



3rd day, we had visited to customer’s booth. DE.NA s.r.l was one of the most interested Company, who requested us quotation for 18 million pcs. per year products before go to the show. Mr. President Toru OSHIMA, Jetro cooperative member Mr. Oshawa and me visited them and discussed vast business sector, specially about Production capacity, cost and delivery. And returned back 18th October.

Finally, Filters are very important parts of machineries. Chillventa was the accurate show for us where parts and components of HVAC&R are presented and this kind of show we can find easily our customer by looking their products whether filters are installed or not. CHILLVENTA was very great and successful show for us. Filters not only for filtering parts it protects directly and indirectly human health. Currently, Climate Change is becoming most important issues all over the world. It’s very complicated issue which can’t stop & reduce soon. We need to think less energy consumption for all industrial, commercial, and personal building as well as machineries. In this case very small parts can play most important. Thus, we are considering and manufacturing those filters which are demanded and required by machineries producer. Vantech has also involved in new innovative production of metal filter every year.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any requirements of Filtering products. Thank you.



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