Favorite filters

Japanese plum trees are in bloom but not cherry yet.

It seems much colder this year than last year so that we can hardly see cherry blossoms at the moment.

By the way, we would like to show you our favorite filters.

First of all, my favorite is this!


This is my favorite one named "Shijimi-chan" which means a basket clam.

A colleague of mine likes the other.

003_convert_20120204161917 (2).jpg

When comparing the baffle plate with Shijimi-chan filter, it looks like this.


Shijimi-chan is 0.31φ"(7.9 mm) x 0.21" (5.5 mm) height while the baffle plate is 3.14φ"(80 mm) x 0.56"(20 mm) height. So the difference between them is too obvious.

You hardly see filters in Refrigerators, Air Conditioners or Accumulators since they are the parts in them.

Filters are to screen unnecessory particles in those machineries. They are invisible and behind the scenes.

That's why we would like to give them such charactors in this blog.

How would you like, then?



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