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stainless steel filter

What is Stainless Steel Mesh Filter?

A stainless steel mesh filter is a type of filter media made from interwoven stainless steel wires. The mesh is characterized by its regular grid-like structure, with the size of the openings (apertures) and the wire diameter determining the filter’s performance characteristics. Stainless steel mesh filters are used to separate particles, debris, or contaminants from fluids (liquids or gases) in various industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.

The Key Benefits of VANTECH’s Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter

High Strength

Layered and sintered stainless steel increases strength.

High durability

Made of stainless steel, it is rust-resistant and durable. It can be used repeatedly depending on usage conditions.


The mesh pattern and size can be selected according to the customer’s needs. If it is difficult to choose, please contact us.

stainless steel filter


ShapeAny outline shape is available at customer’s requirement.
SizeAny outline size is available at customer’s requirement.

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FAQ about Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filters?

Can stainless steel mesh filter specifications be customized?

Yes, the filter’s dimensions, shape, construction method, mesh size, and applications are all fully customizable.

Do you need drawings for production?

No, Vantech can consult with you to make a drawing based off a description or image of the filter you may have. No drawing is necessary to get started.

Applications of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter

water treatment

Water treatment

Stainless steel mesh filters are used in various stages of water treatment processes, such as pre-filtration, sediment removal, and membrane protection. They are also used in industrial wastewater treatment plants to separate solid waste from the effluent.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry

In fuel systems, stainless steel mesh filters can be used as fuel filters to remove contaminants and prevent engine damage. In oil systems, they are used as oil filters to remove impurities from engine oil and extend the life of the engine. In air intake systems, they help filter out particulate matter and debris before the air enters the engine.

HVAC system

HVAC systems

Stainless steel mesh filters are employed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to remove airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and mold spores, thus maintaining air quality and preventing the spread of allergens and contaminants.

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