Mesh filter in injector

Mesh filter in injector 1

Mesh filter in injector 2

Type Short drawn type mesh
Application Filter used within injectors
Size Outer diameter φ4.75~
Please refer to the caulking/short type diagram in the existing strainer size list for a view of sizes.
Product Detail Nylon filters used within injectors may be deteriorated and damaged by ethanol in the fuel. However metallic filters do not have this problem and will not be affected by ethanol damage.
Mesh Plain weave wire mesh, twill weave wire mesh, laminated sintered wire mesh, laminated nonwoven fabric, etc.
We can make proposals according to the filtration particle size.
Material Ring: Brass, stainless steel, SuperDyma®, aluminum, etc.
Mesh: Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc.

SuperDyma® is a steel sheet developed by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal. It is a new highly corrosion-resistant plated steel sheet consisting mainly of zinc, approximately 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium, and a trace amount of silicon in the plating layer.

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